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P’rea Press is sad to report that Richard L. Tierney has passed away. Richard was 85 years of age and a brilliant Lovecraftian and weird fiction author, poet, and thinker. The creator of Simon of Gitta and John Taggart has perhaps gone to Kadath or Zarr (but naturally that depends on which place he has made up his mind to visit!) He is missed, both in his person and in his new travels. Richard had taken up the mantle of H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, and Clark Ashton Smith (his three most favourite authors) into the twenty-first century, and his writing forged a unique continuity of great, exciting literature of fantasy and the supernatural. A genteel and gentlemanly guy, he accomplished much in his lifetime, and his writing and personality will live on. He remains a true Lovecraftian and a fascinating and powerful sword-and-sorcerer!  


Kyla Lee Ward has won the Australasian Shadows Award for non-fiction (AHWA) with her essay "The Danse Macabre" (2019), the Shadows Award for poetry with "Revenants of the Antipodes" (2018), and won third in the SFPA Rhysling Award Long Poem category with her "The Macabre Modern" (2020). The three works are in her P'rea book The Macabre Modern (featured). Previously, Wade German achieved third in the Rhysling Award for "The Necromantic Wine" (in Avatars of Wizardry, 2012), and Ann Schwader tied for first place with "Keziah" (from Dark Energies), in the same award (2016). P'rea Press must be doing something right. My congratulations go to Kyla for her awards, and to all who make P'rea books. Thank you David Schultz, David Schembri, Gavin O'Keefe, Andrew McKiernan, S. T. Joshi, and of course the authors!!!


P'rea Press proudly announces the publication of the poetry collection The Macabre Modern and Other Morbidities by Kyla Lee Ward. It is available right now! Simply click on the featured "Available Now" book cover on the Home Page and choose from either hardcover or paperback. As with her first volume, The Land of Bad Dreams, The Macabre Modern is lavishly illustrated by the author.


Wonderful news for Antipodean lovers of the weird ... S. T. Joshi is en route now to Australia accompanied by Mary Krawczak Wilson, for his first tour in the Land Down Under.

Mr Joshi needs no introduction for many visitors to the P’rea Press’ website, but for those who may be new to the field of weird literature, his resume is extensive and substantial. He is a prominent writer, editor, and critic of weird literature, the leading authority on H. P. Lovecraft and on many other writers of the weird, as well as on authors such as H. L. Mencken, and on topics as diverse as atheism and prejudice.

For a quick and fascinating insight into the man, his day to day literary activities, and his astounding and prolific output over four decades, dip into his blog at

Better still, buy his engrossing autobiography, What Is Anything: Memoirs of a Life in Lovecraft, or check out the bibliography of his first 200 works at Hippocampus Press:

Mr Joshi has been sponsored by the Eleutheria Society for a series of public engagements in Canberra (22 June), Melbourne (24 June), Hobart (26 June), and Sydney (28 June). Other performers include, in Canberra, Edward Neeman on piano and Eloise Fisher on clarinet performing Necronomicon by Australian composer, Larry Sitsky; local weird literature aficionados include Perry Grayson (Melbourne), and Leigh Blackmore (Canberra and Sydney).   

Tickets for S. T. Joshi’s Australian engagements, billed as Necronomicon Australis, are available from Eventbrite at

Don’t miss out! These events are well worth attending for all lovers of the weird.

P’rea Press welcomes S. T. Joshi and Mary Krawczak Wilson to Australia and wishes them a truly splendid tour Down Under.


August 2016 is the one-year anniversary of Ann Schwader's volume of fantastic poetry, Dark Energies. The book was launched at the H. P. Lovecraft convention Necronomicon, in Providence, Rhode Island, August 2015. Dark Energies became a short-listed finalist in the HWA 2015 Bram Stoker Awards for poetry, and was nominated for the SFPA Elgin Award and Australian Shadows Award (for editing). "Keziah," a darkling Lovecraftian poem from Dark Energies, won equal first prize for long poem in the SFPA 2016 Rhysling Award. Write to P'rea Press for a sampler of the work. Good reading to all!
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