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Dark Energies

by Ann K. Schwader

112 pages
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Schwader’s latest collection! Dark Energies released! Dark Energies is the powerful latest collection by American poet, Ann K. Schwader. New and hard-to-procure collected poems expand the vista of her artistic vision. These poems explore human plight in a dark cosmos and pitch historical, contemporary and futuristic observations in spellbinding metrical forms. As with all memorable poetry, t... [Read more]

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Richard L. Tierney

A Bibliographical Checklist

Charles Lovecraft

Item type: Criticism & Commentary
Format: A5 Paperback
Pages: 64
ISBN: 9780980462500

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Richard Tierney Bibliographical Checklist - $6.00 (AUDAustralian Dollars (AUD))

Charles Lovecraft’s fine booklet itemizes Tierney’s writings, noting even appearances in cyber­space ... For the Tierney completist. (From review)


by Charles "Danny" Lovecraft


Richard L. Tierney’s earliest published efforts were poems that appeared in The Arkham Collector c. 1969–1970. Soon thereafter, and following the death of August Derleth in 1971, he published a (then) heretical essay, an outgrowth of a letter published in Nyctalops, whose title, “The Derleth Mythos,” signified the profound repercussions that would shape the modern era of Lovecraft criticism, implying that Derleth’s authoritative (all right, loud) pronouncements about H. P. Lovecraft’s so-called Cthulhu mythos shed much more light on Derleth’s own worldview than on Lovecraft’s, and must be so recognized. Essayist, poet, short story writer, sculptor, cartoonist, and novelist, Tierney has been very productive on the fringes of the horror field. Charles Lovecraft’s fine booklet itemizes Tierney’s writings, noting even appearances in cyber­space (an admittedly volatile publishing medium). Separate sections list books, short fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, and also note items that are components of larger sequences, such at Tierney’s Simon of Gitta and Red Sonia series. A labor of love, but no less valuable for that. For the Tierney completist.

David E. Schultz.