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Dark Energies

by Ann K. Schwader

112 pages
Trade Paperback

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Schwader’s latest collection! Dark Energies released! Dark Energies is the powerful latest collection by American poet, Ann K. Schwader. New and hard-to-procure collected poems expand the vista of her artistic vision. These poems explore human plight in a dark cosmos and pitch historical, contemporary and futuristic observations in spellbinding metrical forms. As with all memorable poetry, t... [Read more]

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P'rea announcement! Schwader latest collection! Dark Energies released!

Dark Energies is the powerful latest collection by American poet, Ann K. Schwader. Specially released for H. P. Lovecraft's birthday, 20th August 2015, Dark Energies captures the weird flights of cosmic fancy of award-winning poet, Schwader, and her winged imagination. Scholars of the supernatural and the weird, S. T. Joshi and Robert M. Price, add an appreciative Preface and Afterword to a verse volume of great artistry and skill. The volume is a Bram Stoker Poetry Award nominee for 2016. Available in hardcover and paperback. May the fires of the strange stars in this tome burn in the gleams of your eyes.

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